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CNP Cosmetics endeavors

to achieve beautiful skin
The true skin experts create

healthy beauty

Since the foundation of CNP Cosmetics in 1996, the company has witnessed numerous cases of troubled skin and ineffective results due to incorrect use of cosmetics after treatment.

The company has realized the correct makeup process is crucial for sensitive and problem skin and that choice of cosmetics and after care is the foundation of healthy skin maintenance. Hence, CNP Cosmetics has released Derma Cosmetics range, based on the results of extensive clinical trials carried out by CNP’s team of expert skin doctors.

CNP Cosmetics commenced operation with the promise of 50 devoted skin specialists to produce healthy cosmetics for women across the world.

The Derma Cosmetics market was nonexistent in Korea at the time CNP Cosmetics launched its products, and the company has since endeavored to achieve gradual, organic market expansion, rather than focusing on short-term high-growth goals, in order to evolve with an image of ever-increasing customer confidence and satisfaction.

CNP is unwavering from its initial goal and endeavors to develop a comprehensive product range with something for all customers, including those with sensitive and problem skin. To accomplish its initial objective, the company operates a rigorous verification system and settles for no less than the finest raw materials. The most critical requirement in cosmetics is quality.

Viral marketing and customer retention have created a hit product for the brand, which lead to continuous sales growth across the CNP Cosmetics range as customer confidence and loyalty continues to increase. Thanks to support of the company’s loyal customers whose support of the brand is ever-increasing, the company continues its pursuit of cutting edge R&D based on 30 years of abundant clinical experience, cementing its well-earned reputation as the No. 1 Derma Cosmetics brand.

CNP Cosmetics will maintain its commitment to produce healthy cosmetics for healthy skin and grow with its customers as the true skin experts of the dermatological products field.

“CNP request your continued interest and support so that the Derma Cosmetic brand,
a representative brand of Korea, can stand tall in the international market. Thank you.”

Dr Lee Dongwon, Founder
CNP Cosmetics Korea Co., Ltd

True beauty exudes radiance

My recent visit to Seoul left me with a very deep impression of the Korean aesthetic scene. I was very impressed by how advanced the Korean derma technology is. I was also struck by the commitment the skin experts at CNP Laboratory have for beautiful, healthy skin.

A few trips to Korea later, CNP Cosmetics Singapore was eventually developed. The aim of which is to replicate this healthy flawless skin concept and bring these facial products in Singapore. We believe in and rely on CNP Cosmetics’ passionate dedication and remarkable innovation for our success.

This concept is not only essential to product development, but also to our sustainability efforts and to our success. Singapore’s year-round tropical heat is a challenge to beautiful healthy skin. We are hopeful that CNP Cosmetics in Singapore will better compliment the environment. Our vision is to bring Korea’s CNP Laboratory Aesthetic Clinics to attain radiant, beautiful skin in the Singaporean climate.

“On behalf of CNP Cosmetics Singapore, thank you for your loyal support in advance.”

PJ Wong, Chairman & CEO
CNP Cosmetics Singapore Pte Ltd